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Fall Salt Lake City Temple Wedding with Lizzy & Chet

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah 

The Fall Salt Lake City Temple Wedding with Lizzy & Chet was beautiful! Usually by late summer the colors are not as bright and sometimes the summer thunder showers come in and cloud up the sky with rain, but not today. Today was perfect.

I had shot Lizzy & Chet's engagement session at Red Butte Gardens a few weeks earlier so I got to know the couple pretty well. They are very nice and kind people. Unfortunately we had to reschedule their engagements twice due to bad weather and each time we both had to drive a long way there and back. But the third time was a charm and we finally got them done. So I was worried that the weather might be bad on their wedding day, where you cant re-schedule, but it was perfect.

There are so many fun places to shoot at the Salt lake City Temple, and i know them all, but time is always a factor. You can only go to so many places in the one hour period I usually have to do the shoot. It takes about 15 minutes or so for a couple to greet guests waiting outside the glass doors at the temple. Then another 10 minutes to get all the guests to the stairs and into place for the first group picture. Then another 20 minutes on the steps to get the family and friends pictures. Then another 15 minutes to get wedding party pictures in the gardens. So usually people hire me for 2 hours at the temple, which leaves 1 hour for bride & groom pictures. And all of that timing is if everything goes right and there is not a wait at the steps.

Lizzy and Chet, as usual, were a lot of fun to work with. And by the way they both looked at each other, I'm sure they will have a marriage that will last for all time and eternity.

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The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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