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Winter Snow Basin Wedding with Jordan & Kevin

 By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Bride carrying a groom at snow basin in the winter

Bride and groom looking at the camera at snow basin

Bride looking at groom at snow basin in the winter

Bride holding groom in the winter at snow basin

The Winter Snow Basin Wedding with Jordan & Kevin was one of the craziest weddings I have ever shot, and one of the best. Skiing down the mountain with my cameras, riding on skis that were way to big for me on a difficult run in bad weather was probably the dumbest thing I have ever done. And going the wrong direction and almost going into the experts jumping get the point.

Jordan & Kevin asked me to shoot their Snow Basin Wedding in March and had told me that they were going to ski down the mountain in their wedding clothes. I said, awesome, lets do it. After all, I am an average skier and they said they were taking an easy run, so what could go wrong? Famous last words!

Everything about the wedding was going great. So far the weather was ok. There was lots of snow, and clouds on the horizon, but so far perfect conditions for taking pictures. We were up at the lodge at Snow Basin at the top of the mountain. The ceremony started and the bride and groom were saying their vows. We were in front of a large window, and I could see in the background that it started snowing...a lot. At one point the background was completely blotted out with a snowstorm that had rolled in. I began to worry...but not too much yet.

After the ceremony we go our skiing gear on and went outside. The storm was not too bad so we all decided to proceed to ski down the mountain. I had just purchased new skies last year at the end of the season and had not got a chance to try them out. But after I put them on and started following the group to get pictures, something was wrong. My skies kept on getting tangled and were really hard to maneuver in. I skied ahead a few times to get shots of Jordan & Kevin skiing down the mountain, and got some great shots, but I still had a lot of trouble traversing the mountain, and fell more than a few times.

I followed the road, or at least what I could see of it in the cloudy, snowy weather, and saw that I was quickly approaching a professional jumping park! I could hear by the yelling above me that I had taken a wrong turn, so I literally had to take my skies off and walk a ways back up the mountain to get back onto the right path.

The reception was amazing and Jordan & Kevin were a lot of fun to work with and were both very nice. They said my skiing provided a lot of entertainment during what they considered an easy run. Of course, they are both expert skiers! All in all I ended up getting some great pictures at the Snow Basin Winter Wedding.

On a side note, about a week later I took the skies in to see what was wrong with them, and the guy at the shop said these skies are great if you are ski jumping, but not traversing the mountain. They were about a foot too long for me, and really narrow. The guy told me he had never even seen skies like mine before. So I traded them in, and took my new skies out and did great. Problem solved.

For more information on the location of the Snow Basin Winter Wedding, please visit the Snow Basin website. If you would like more information about my company, please call 801-678-6240 or visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah.

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