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Payson Temple Wedding

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

It was a beautiful day for Megan & Logan's Payson Temple Wedding. Megan and Logan exited the temple doors smiling from ear to ear. The crowd went wild! Kids ran up from all directions to give the newly wed couple hugs and kisses. Parents had tears in there eyes, friends were cheering the couple on. A storm was moving into the area and for the most par twas ignored. And this was all in the first few minutes!

I shot Megan and Logan's amazing bride and groom session a few weeks earlier up at Silver Lake in American Fork canyon, so I got a chance to get the know the couple a little. They were very nice and fun to work with, if you can call it work that is. Logan was a little late to the session so I took some pictures of Megan until he arrived for the first look. That's when Megan's eyes lit up and when Logan saw her in her beautiful dress for the first time, he was almost in tears. In the midst of an aspen tree forest, high on top of a mountain, two people cam together and there was love in their eyes.

So it was no surprise that today was going to be an amazing day as Megan and Logan greeted all the people that came to see them after they exited the Payson Temple. The wedding party was a lot of fun too, and we got some great shots in the sun and shade, but my favorite was when they picked up the couple and had them kiss.

The reception as amazing as well. Located at the White Willow Reception Center in Provo. After the formalities like dances and cake cutting were done, then the real party started with some pretty crazy dancing.

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The following are just a few of my favorite shots from the Payson Temple Wedding with Megan and Logan.

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