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Spring Grand Tetons Engagement with Heidi & Taylor

Spring Grand Tetons Engagement with Heidi & Taylor

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

Shooting a Grand Tetons Engagement is something I have always wanted to do. I have taken many pictures of the grand Tetons for my nature photography hobby but never with people in it. So when Taylor & Heidi said they wanted to do a Grand Tetons engagement, I was excited. The only problem is getting there, and then hoping the weather is good. I have been there in bad snow storms and have had to go home empty handed. Heidi suggested that we fly there with a friend of hers, but knowing the weather i was not comfortable flying in a small plane to one of the most difficult runways in the us. So we drove 5 hours in what ended up to be perfect weather to get there.

I was really looking forward to the first location we had planed to shoot, which was one of the rustic Mormon historic cabins (formerly owned by her family) that are just in front of the Grand Tetons range. Unfortunately neither my Jeep or Taylor's Truck could make it to the cabin as there was a 5 foot snow drift blocking the road. So we decided to drive instead to the Grand Tetons national park and take pictures there. Unfortunately after entering the park, we found you could only drive about 100 yards before the rest of the road was blocked off and traffic was diverted to a small parking lot with a few trails going here and there.

So we decided to walk up one of the snowy trails between the pine trees where we could get a good view of the mountains in the background. non of the setbacks seemed to bother Taylor & Heidi, and they laughed and had snowball fights, and after they were completely covered in snow we found another location by a river to finish the shoot.

If you want to know more about having me shoot a Grand Tetons Engagement, please visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah. For more information about the Grand Tetons, click this link.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorite pictures from the Grand Tetons Engagement with Taylor & Heidi.

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