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Grand Tetons Bride Groom Session Heidi & Taylor

Grand Tetons Bride Groom Session with Heidi & Taylor

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Grand Tetons Bride Groom Session with Heidi & Taylor is actually part 2 of another blog I wrote for their engagement as we shot both at the Grand Tetons on the same day.

So after we shot Taylor & Heidi's engagement at Grand Tetons National park(or at leas the entrance to the park, we went to another location near the homestead cabins. I had scouted out this location prior to the shoot, and though the lighting earlier was not very good, I thought it might be later near sunset, and i was right.

To get to the location we had to cross about a 200 yard snowy field. it was hazardous as if you stepped to neat to one of the protruding sage brush plants, you could sink down 2 feet into the snow. We all learned really quick to avoid walking to close to the plants! After the walk across the field, we came to a long incline up the side of the ridge. I have to say it was quite a hike, and Taylor and Heidi were doing it in a suit and wedding dress. I think Heidi, who was not wearing a jacket, was half frozen by the time we started shooting.

When we came up the hill and reached the top of the ridge, the view was breathtaking! You could see the whole Tetons Range in the distance as the glowing sun slowly set. Taylor and Heidi ignored the cold and laughed and danced until the sun set over the Tetons range.

If you would like me to shoot your own Grand Tetons Bride Groom Session, pleas visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah or call me at 801-678-6240.For more information on the shoot location, please visit their website at; Grand Tetons National Park.

The pictures above are just a few of my favorite pictures from the Grand Tetons Bride Groom Session with Taylor & Heidi.

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