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Fall McPolin Farm Bride & Groom Session with Halle and Kyle

Fall McPolin Farm Bride & Groom Session with Halle and Kyle

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Fall McPolin Farm Bride & Groom Session with Kyle & Halle was amazing! I have just started to blog again after a long absence due to the fact that I have been shooting weddings, bridal sessions, engagements and bride and groom sessions almost ever day. I had just been to Swaner farm five days earlier and the colors were just beginning to come out. Now the yellow aspens were in full bloom. The sun was setting over the mountains and the air was cool.

I had actually met Kyle & Halle before today but I did not know it. A week earlier I shot a wedding for Ray and Cara and Kyle & Halle were at that wedding right behind me, but since we had never seen each other, I did not know it was them, until I heard Kyle talking about the BYU rugby team and remembered that Ray was also a member of the rugby team. Putting two and two together I asked him if he knew Ray, and found out not only did he know him , they were at his wedding sitting right behind me. What a small world we live in!

Kyle & Halle were a lot of fun to work with and as we shot into the early evening I thought to myself, here are two people I know are going to be married forever. Just the way they had fun and looked at each other. You can really tell when people are meant to be together.

If you would like more information about doing your own Fall McPolin Farm Bride & Groom Session, call me at 801-678-6240 or visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah. Here is the link for information on Swaner Farm.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorite shots from the Swaner Farm Bride & Groom Session with Kyle & Halle

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