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Fall McPolin Farm Engagement Session with Kendal & Justin

Fall McPolin Farm Engagement with Kendal & Justin

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

A Fall McPolin Farm engagement is something I have waited all year to shoot. The beautiful Aspen trees with their white trunks and yellow leaves shimmering in the sunlight is a sight everybody should see. Put it in your bucket list. But I have never recommended doing a photo shoot in the early morning. The sun is usually harsh, especially towards the end of the year, and shooting 2 hours prior to sunset is what I always recommend. But after doing this shoot I might have to change my mind. The lighting in the Aspen trees was so beautiful, and the colors so rich, that if anybody can make it I will give morning shoots another chance.

Justin and Kendal we a lot of fun to work with, and we walked all over the road, and off the road, over fences and through the forest to get these shots. And Kendal's dad even came along to help out. In early morning lighting situations, its best to shoot against the light of the trees, which gives the beautiful colors you see in these pictures.

Props are always great to bring to a shoot, but Justin's Guitar is not just a prop, he actually knows how to play guitar really well. Its easy to see how Justin won the heart of Kendal. In a few of the shots Justin serenaded his fiancé under the forest canopy shade of yellow aspens in a clearing on a fallen tree. Talk about romantic! These two were all smiles and had a difficult time even doing a few serious shots they were so happy. All in all it was a great shoot, with a great couple on a beautiful day that will forever change my mind about shooting in the morning.

If you would like more information on doing a Fall McPolin Farm Engagement, you can go to their website at James Erick Photography Utah or call us at 801-678-6240 or visit our website. For more information about the shoot location, please visit their website at Swaner Farm.

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