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Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Breann & Jeremy

Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Breann & Jeremy

by Utah wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Antelope Island Engagement with Jeremy & Breann was so amazing words just can’t describe it. The colors, the sky, and the couple were all perfect! I have know Breann and her family for the past 5 years. Her father Darren is a great friend of mine, and when he told me his daughter was engaged and she wanted me to do the pictures, I was excited. And I knew that whomever Breann picked to be her future husband, would be a great guy, and Jeremy is a great guy.

Planning for the sunset engagement shoot, Breann asked me where I thought would be a good place to do engagements, and I suggested Antelope Island. She had just run a marathon there and said that’s where Jeremy proposed to her, so it worked out perfectly. We started the day at a house near the island with a willow tree, and a little dog chased us around until it lost interest. We then moved to a field next door with long rows of green grass and took a few shots of Jeremy & Breann walking the rows. After that we went to the island itself.

Jeremy & Breann are so happy together, and it shows in the pictures. if ever two people were perfectly matched for each other, it is these two. They laughed and joked around, and for a while I just took pictures of them being themselves. and as the sun started to set, the race was on. We went to the rocks for a few pictures, but the sun was setting fast so we went to the beach on the west side of the island which borders the Great Salt Lake. I took a few pictures here until the sun set, but it was the moon rise that was truly amazing. I have never seen anything like it. The full moon actually appeared to be rising between the clouds, not behind them. And finally as we were leaving we had to stop one more time to get some great silhouette shots in the water.

This was one of the most beautiful sunset engagement sessions I have ever shot. Thank you Jeremy & Breann, you guys are great!

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