Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Amy & Zach

Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Amy & Zach

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

An Antelope Island Engagement is a race against time. Antelope Island covers a large area and you really need to have a plan of where you are going or you will find yourself driving when the sun has already gone down. lucky for me I have been here many times so I know the best locations at all times of the year to get great sunset shots, and there are a lot of them. From the sandy beach on the northwest side of the island, to the rocky shore on the north west tip of the island, to the southwest beach near the grassy shore, all can have great sunsets at different times of the year.

Whenever I go to antelope Island I come prepared with a can of bug spray, a plan on where I am going to go based on what the clients want, Check the weather report an hour before I go to the island, and before I go I always check the most import thing of all, the sunrise/sunset times. The best light for shooting is always 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after sunset in the summer. And driving around the island to get the different spots in that period of time can be a challenge, but if done right you can get, weather permitting, some awesome shots.

Zack and Amy were right with me all the way, and did not waste any time going from location to location. They were really nice people, fun to work with and as you can probably tell from the pictures, are very much in love.

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Above are just a few of my favorite shots from the Antelope Island Engagement

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