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Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Sarah & Parker

Summer Antelope Island Engagement with Sarah & Parker

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

An antelope Island Engagement is one of my favorites. I keep on saying Antelope Island cannot get any more beautiful. And I keep on getting proven wrong. Color should be the name of this photo shoot, because as you will see we hit every spectrum of the rainbow. but I called it Engagement Session with flowers because these were my favorite shots.

Antelope Island Summer Engagement was shot on a warm and sunny evening around 6:30. Parker and Sarah met me at the Memorial for fallen soldiers just past the causeway at Antelope Island. Once again, the wind was low, and the bugs that always plague this place were nowhere to be found. We started shooting on a vast plateau near the north end of the island, with buffalo in the background. All I can say is wow!

Let me tell you about Parker & Sarah. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I always seem to get fun, happy couples to work with. Had I not ever seen these two before, and passed them on the street, I would have been able to tell they were meant for each other. They both have warm and friendly personalities, like to laugh and joke around, and are very kind. They even brought me a bottle of water!

The next location was new to me, actually I have seen it before, but I had never shot there because I could not find a couple crazy enough to walk out into the muddy, slimy water. But not Parker and Sarah, without hesitation they took of their shoes, rolled up their pant legs, and went right in. I never knew the water was so shallow so far out, and from the angle I was shooting it looks like they are standing on a pristine lake.

After that we got some excellent hazy sunset back-lit shots of Parker and Sarah just being themselves on the rocks near the north end of the island. I love the soft light. And if all that color was not enough, we went down to the shoreline on the west side of the island and took some amazing sunset pictures, as the sun went down below the lake. On the way back to our cars, the sky turned pink so I snapped a few more until it was too dark to shoot.

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This was a perfect Antelope Island summer engagement. Thanks Parker and Sarah! Here are a few of my favorites.

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