Fall Moab Bride Groom Session with Sharon & Wess

Fall Moab Bride Groom Session with Sharon & Wess

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When Sharon told me she wanted to do a Fall Moab Bride Groom Session, I was very excited. Moab is one of my favorite places on earth, especially Arches National Park. I have done nature photography for years and to be able to combine the two and have a beautiful bride and groom to shoot along with the natural beauty of Arches was one of my lifelong dreams. But shooting in a location 4 hours away come with some challenges, like weather!

I was hoping for a sunny day as when the sun is out it reflects off the red rocks making them glow with color. I checked the weather report before we left and it said “mostly sunny” Unfortunately we got cloudy instead. And normally clouds are great, as they make the light softer and you can shoot more angles, but at arches, the one thing you really want is sun, but we made the best of what we had.

And if the bad weather was not enough, the park ranger at Arches stopped us after we were shooting for only 5 minutes and told us we could not shoot in the park. No you would think that it would be ok as the park was literally almost empty, and we were far off the path so we were not disturbing anybody. But we were asked for identification and followed throughout the park so we decided to leave. Wow, harassed by park services after we paid the $35 entrance fee.

But neither clouds or park service employees could stop us from getting some great shots. We headed out to a road next to the bridge just before the entrance to Moab, and found some great places to shoot. One of my favorites was the scary tree. Yes, it looked like an Ent from Lord of the Rings. I had Sharon Lean way back and feign terror as if it was reaching out towards her.

Wes and Sharon were loads of fun to work with. And all throughout the shoot they were happy and laughing and smiling. Below are just a few of the 500 shots I took during their Fall Moab Bride Groom Session.

For more information on shooting your own Fall Moab Bride Groom Session, go to: http://www.moabcity.state.ut.us/

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