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Galavan Center Engagement

Galavan Center Engagement with Whitney & Tyler

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

I have to admit, when Whitney and Tyler asked me to do a Salt lake City Engagement Session for them, my heart sank. I have shot near the Galavan Center many times before, and there have always been people making rude comments, pointing and staring at us. One time a drunk guy cam up to me and started to tell me how to take pictures, and on another occasion somebody started whistling at the bride. So needless to say I was not very excited about having to deal with all the crazy people. But after warning the couple of what they might expect, they wanted to do it anyway.

This time was very different! We had a great time going from location to location, and nobody bothered us at all. We had been worried that it was going to rain as it had all day prior to the start of the shoot, but just as I arrived, the rain stopped and the clouds parted and the lighting was beautiful.

Whitney & Tyler are a very fun couple. You can tell these who were meant for each other, the compliment each other, like two puzzle pieces that just fit together perfectly. They were very nice and easy to work with and had a lot of good photo ideas.

We shot in dark alley ways, on the top of a parking structure overlooking the city, and up and down the streets of Downtown Salt Lake City. It was a perfect day and a perfect shoot, and I am going to change my mind from now on about shooting in the city.

If you would like me to shoot a Salt Lake City Engagement for you, just call me at 801-678-6240 or visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah. For more information about the Galavan Center, please visit their website by clicking here.

The pictures above are some of my favorite shots from the Salt lake City Engagement Session with Whitney & Tyler.

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