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Saltair Bride Groom Session

Saltair Bride Groom Session

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Saltair Bride Groom Session with Andrew & Brooke was fast paced, but we had a lot of fun running to get to the last spot before the sun went down. And if you have ever been to Saltair you know that the distance to the water can be deceiving. It may look close, but after running for a good 20 minutes we barely got to our last location as the sun was hitting the water.

We started by the docks just south of Saltair and took a few shots but seeing that the sun was a little bright, we moved to a new location just north of Saltair. We got some great shots of Brooke and Andrew in the green grass, but it was tricky getting out there as every step we took, we sank a little deeper in the mush. That got really messey really fast!

But what Brooke really want was some pictures at sunset by the remnants of an old train bridge that used to cross the Great Salt lake, but she did not know exactly where they were. So heading out from where she thought they were we started to walk at first. When we had walked for about 20 minutes, I noticed we were not going to make it unless we ran, so that’s what we did. Thankfully Brooke’s mom waited by my bag to make sure it would be ok.

Finally we reached our destination, about 6 posts sticking out of the ground near the water just as the sun was setting. Our Saltair Bride Groom Session with Andrew & Brooke was a success!

For more information on Saltair go to: http://www.thesaltair.com/

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from Andrew & Brook's Saltair Bride Groom Session.

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