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Wheeler Farm Bridal

Wheeler Farm Bridal with Aurianna

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

Finally it was the first semi-warm day of the year and I went to do a Wheeler Farm bridal for the sister of a girl I photographed a couple of years ago at Antelope Island. Aurianna definitely heated up the scene with her cowboy boots and attitude blazing. Now I’m not saying she has a bad attitude, she actually is a very nice girl with a great attitude, she just looks a little wild in the boots. Unlike the last time I was here, there were very few geese chasing us around, but the people made up for the geese.

At one point during the shoot, a 5 year old boy from India walked by pointing at Aurianna and laughing. I have never seen anything like it in my life, but I’m guessing he had never seen a girl in a wedding dress getting pictures taken at a farm. Whatever the reason, it did not dampen the mood. Aurianna was great at posing or just being herself (I could not tell the difference). Aided by her mom and sister, she stood in front of tractors, hung from lofts, pet the horses, walked down trails, and sat on wooden fences to get some really great shots.

The tractor was my favorite shot. The color, the lighting, the background and the dress and the girl, all perfect.

At the end of the shoot, at the suggestion of her mother, we had Aurianna sit on the railing of the main house with the sun setting behind her. It was beautiful as the sun lit up her hair, and Aurianna lit up the pictures.

For more information on shooting your own Wheeler Farm Bridal, call us or go to the Wheeler Farm website at: http://www.wheelerfarm.com/

Here are a few of my favorites the wheeler farm Bridal shoot with Aurianna.

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