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Utah State Capitol Bridal

Utah State Capitol Bridal with Hailey

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography James Erick Photography Utah

Haley was the perfect model for a Utah State Capitol Bridal. Ok, she really is a bride, that just looks like a model. All I can say is wow! What a dress! Haley’s dress, believe it or not, was a custom design by a friend of hers. ( I see a future famous clothing designer in her friends future) Haley may look like a supermodel, but she is also the nicest girl you will ever meet. Helped and in some cases directed by her mom, we used the Utah State Capitol, inside and out, as a backdrop for a shoot that lasted about an hour and a half. I promise I try to keep them to an hour, but sometimes it just takes longer to get the best shots.

With all the beautiful outdoor locations a Utah State Capitol Bridal is not my favorite. Lighting in the state capitol is tricky, as there are triple high ceilings and a very large area, with windows and light filtering in all different directions. This simple put means that you have to be very creative with the use of natural light, raise the ISO on your camera, and try to be as still as possible to avoid motion blur. And then there are the constant people walking by in the background, or even the people that stop and stare, but worse are the people that stop and make comments, and tell you how you should take the pictures, like one young guy did to us. we were trying to be polite, and it just seemed to feed his interruptions. But eventually he lost interest in us continuing to move further and further away from him and he finial left us alone….for a while.

So with my canon 5dM2′s in hand, and a variety of low light lenses, we walked up and down stairs, and elevators, hung over ledges, shot from far away and close. All in all, I think I took about 500 pictures inside, and a hundred outside.

If you would like to shoot your own Utah State Capitol Bridal, contact us or go to the Utah State Capitol Website at: https://utahstatecapitol.utah.gov/

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