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Salt Flats Bridal

Salt Flats Bridal with Stephanie

by Utah Wedding Photographers James ErickPhotography Utah

Shooting a Salt Flats Bridal is a challenge. Unlike most other locations where you have a lot of backgrounds to choose from, when shooting a salt flats bridal the bride, not the background, has to constantly change poses, facial expressions, and camera angles and cropping have to be a lot more creative. It also helps to bring props, like a colorful couch, chair, balloons, etc. And since it is a long drive out there, you have to pray for clear skies and good weather. And since there is no shade as far as you eye can see, you can only shoot close to sunset. I recommend that brides thinking about shooting out here bring an umbrella. It makes for a great prop and provides shade from the sun.

The landscape is also tough. It’s usually very hot, dry and once you start to walk on the surface you will sink into a thin layer of mud, so boots, or bare feet work just as well, but the salt can be rough on your feet. I always recommend that a bride brings and old pare of sandals to make it easier on their feet. Also bring a container of water and an old wash cloth to wash off your feet. The shoot can really be messy depending on the time of year you are shooting. This was the rainy season, so the ground was soft and sometimes muddy underneath the salt.

Stephanie made it all look way to easy. I could swear she was a professional model or had done professional modeling in the past.

The pictures above are just a few of my favorite shots from the Salt Flats Bridal with Stephanie

For more information about shooting your own Salt Flats Bridal call us at 801-678-6240 or go to the Bonneville Salt Flats website at: http://www.utah.com/playgrounds/bonneville_salt.htm

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