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La Caille Bridal

La Caille Bridal with Gisella

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The La Caille Bridal session with Gisella was amazing! La Callie is a beautiful place to shoot any time of year and it is a popular wedding and reception center. It was designed to look like a French villa, and has two ponds, a river, and is home to many different kinds of birds including peacocks, Canadian Geese, and Swans. The different colors on the grounds defy the imagination. I have shot a few weddings here but it was nice to focus on just a bride this time.

We walked the grounds and found many great locations to shoot. The challenge here is the lighting. There are many trees and structures making shadows and trying to get a back-lit shot in the middle of the day is a trick in itself. But even with all of this we got some beautiful pictures in many different locations. Gisella in her beautiful dress reminded me of a swan, so towards the end of the shoot we risked getting her close to one of the ponds near the mud to get a picture with a swan in it. I was amazed to see that instead of swimming away, the swan swam towards her to the point that she could have reached out and touched it.

Gisella has a smile that will warm your heart, and a sense of humor that will make you laugh. She was willing to do almost anything to get great shots. She was fun to work with and I look forward to shooting her wedding. This La Caille Bridal went perfectly!

If you would like to do a La Caille Bridal yourself, call us at 801-678-6240 or visit our website at James Erick Photography Utah, or for more information on La Caille, visit their website at: http://www.lacaille.com/ordereze/home.aspx

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