Wedding Photographers Wanted

Join our Team 

We are always looking for great professional Photographers to join our team.  Photographers that work for James Erick Photography Utah make $100 per hour and do not have to do any picture editing.  Just shoot, cull out any bad or duplicate pictures, and upload them to us so we can download and edit them.


Requirements to join our team:


1.  You must be a professional photographer with professional Canon or Nikon equipment including a backup camera, wide angel and telephoto lens.  

2.  You must have a portfolio of engagement and wedding pictures we can put on the James Erick Photography Utah website to show your work.   

3. You must have a friendly and patient personality and be able to work with large groups of people.

4. you must be on-time to every event.

If you qualify and wish to apply, please email me at


To be considered for this contract position, be sure to include a link to your work online so we can see if you would be a good fit for our team.  If you do not hear back from us, it does not mean your work was not good, just not the style that would match the team.